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09MnD 09MnNiD





公司生产的09MnD、09MnNiD低温换热器用无缝钢管,根据不同的工艺要求,Mn、S含量的规定上较 GB150-1998标准有所加严,S含量小于0.015%,实际水平在0.010%以下,此外参照GB3531-1996《低温压力容器用低合金钢钢板》标准的相应规定,增加了钢中酸溶铝含量的要求。缩小了抗拉强度范围,提高了对钢管强度稳定性的要求。相同技术要求的09MnD、09MnNiD无缝钢管,其每一炉之间的化学成分非常接近,低温冲击性能非常好。生产的低温钢钢水纯净度高,晶粒度大于8级。加上完善的检测设备,保证了无缝钢管大批量流水线生产的质量稳定性。
无缝钢管同样具有高清洁度、合理的化学成分配比和科学的热处理制度等特点,因此钢的可焊性及制造性有明显的提髙,符合热交换器的制造标准GB151-1999。实际检测此系列钢在-50℃、-70℃时冲击值远远高于企标、国标要求。09MnD、09MnNiD低温用无缝钢管主要用于 煤化工行业、石化行业的乙稀、聚丙烯等装置的低温换热器上。
According to different technical requirements, the 09MnD, 09MnNiD seamless steel pipes for low temperature heat exchanger which produced by our company, have been tightened the content of the iVl n and Scompared with the GB150-1998. The content of S is less than 0.015%, while the actual content is below 0.010%. Besides, by referring to the corresponding regulations of the GBB531-1996, we increased the requirements of the content of acid soluble aluminum in steel, which narrowed the range of the tensile strength and improved the requirement for the stability of The steel pipes.
The 09MnD, 09MnNiD seamless steel pipes of the same technical requirements have very dose chemical composition of each furnace and good low-temperature impacting property. The molten steel of low temperature in production has high purity and its grain size is greater than level 8. With the perfect testing equipment, we can ensure the stability of quality of assembly line production seannless steel pipes.
The seamless steel pipes also have the characteristics of high cleanliness, reasonable proportion of the chemical composition and scientific heat treatment system, etc. Therefore, the steel weldability and manufacturing has increased significantly, which accords with GB151-1999, the manufacturing standard of heat exchanger. The impact value on this series of steel in actual detection at-50℃ and -70℃ is much higher than the requirements of enterprise and nat onsl standards.The 09MnD,09MnNiD seamless steel pipes for low-temperature service are mainly used in low-temperature heat exchanger in the coal chemical, petrochemical, ethylene and polypropylene device, etc.