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With the development of the national economy, the demand for petroleum products grow with the passage time, the number of domestic processing of imported high sulfur crude oil also increased year by year. Processing high sulfur crude oil brings low temperature, middle temperature and high temperature equipment corrosion problem which is increasingly serious, especially the local damage of low temperature corrosion of materials is more difficult to detect and prevent. Therefore, in June 2010 in the strong support of the Ministry of science and technology development of the Sinopec group company, by Sinopec Luoyang Engineering Co. Ltd. as the head of the unit, Chinese Gangyan Technology Group Co. Ltd. and other members of the unit, and the joint pipe manufacturing factory were set up the research group "wet H2S corrosion heat pipe engineering technology development".
优点 Advantage
Pure seamless steel tubes with low carbon, ultralow phosphorus and micro alloying, which can improve the corrosion resistant of the material by adding rare earth elements;
Have good comprehensive mechanical properties, especially the low temperature impact toughness is much higher than that of ordinary carbon materials, and the hardness value is low;
Small size and high purity. According to the several experimental results, the grain size of the material is not more than level 8, and the sum of non-metallic inclusions is less than 4;
Excellent resistance to sulfide stress cracking (SSCC). According to the Hefei general institute, the national quality supervision and inspection center for oil drilling and refinery equipment and other third-party test reports, the crack threshold stress of the material should be much higher than the standard value required; Excellent hydrogen cracking resistance (HIC, SOHIC) ability. According to the several analyses of testing A solution based on the third-party, the crack length ratio (CLR), crack thickness ratio (CTR) and crack sensitivity (CSR) of the material are all zero;
Excellent uniform corrosion resistance ability. According to the contrast experimental analysis of the China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group in 0.5%NaCI+0.5% acetic acid + saturated hydrogen sulfide solution for 48h immersion corrosion the corrosion rate of 10(HSC) is only about one-fifth of 20.